Society for Clinical Data Management
The Society for Clinical Data Management is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to promoting excellence in clinical data management through professional development, education, and certification. Established in 1994, SCDM has more than 2,600 members with an interest in advancing data management practices. Vsoft has partnered with SCDM in providing qualified Clinical Data Managers and their services to the clinical research industry along with Vsoft’s eClinical solution – Clinfoware® System.

iRadSolutions is a medical software company based in Singapore. It provides innovative radiology reporting solutions, atlas based solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases particularly in human brain and central nervous system disorders, and in identifying brain structures in diagnostic neuroradiology. iRadSolutions also provides solutions and tools in medical training, education, and in medical imaging research. Vsoft has partnered with iRadSolutions to integrate iRadSolutions’s reporting and imaging solutions with Vsoft’s eClinical Solution – Clinfoware® System.

With its unique position as a leading Yoga Research Organization in the World, SVYASA has been given the mandate by leading Government bodies to conduct various research projects, such as “Yoga based Lifestyle interventions in Preventive Cardiology and Diabetology, Effect of yoga on immunological and autonomic status in bronchial asthmatics – a randomized controlled study, and Yoga for Cancer in close collaboration with world’s leading Oncology study center – Anderson Cancer Institute in Texas. Vsoft has partnered with SVYASA in developing a Unique eClinical solution for Clinical trials in Indian Medicine and Yoga related processes and methods.


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